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Setting up the steering group

A steering group is required to coordinate the Priority Setting Partnership and organise its activities. The steering group generally includes and is led by the individuals or representatives of groups who have made the initial approach to the JLA to carry out a priority setting exercise. They are usually organisations with resources to offer to the process, such as funding, staff, time and expertise.

The JLA offers support, facilitation and guidance. The practical work is carried out by the other members of the steering group. They are responsible for:
  • publicising the initiative
  • checking and collating the uncertainties
  • taking the final priorities to research funders
The steering group must include representatives of patients and clinicians. This usually includes representatives from some form of “umbrella” group, such a charity or professional association.

In accordance with the JLA’s fundamental aims, only those representing patients and clinicians (who would not normally be involved in setting the clinical research agenda) are able to participate in the priority setting exercise.